Hannah Rose Kollman

Note: Hannah Kollman is a fictional character created by Jack A. Ori for the novel Reinventing Hannah. All photos of Hannah are stock images courtesy of Shutterstock.

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Get support.

If you’re a survivor too, I want you to know how to get whatever kind of help you need.

I didn’t want to see a therapist, but when I finally found the words to tell my parents, they made me, and they were right. Counseling has helped me heal, move forward, and learn how to work with the part of me that wants to stay quiet so that I could stand up for myself and others the way I wanted to.

But if you’re not ready to do that, it’s okay. There’s all sorts of other types of support. Click the button below to find out what types of help is available.

Read Reinventing Hannah

Author Jack A. Ori has written a whole novel about what happened to me. Reinventing Hannah is the story of how I became a survivor, starting with that fateful decision I made to go to the college party with my friend Sierra where someone roofied my drink.